How You Can Help

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How You Can Help

Many, many people like you support this ministry.  Here are some ways you can get involved in helping meet the needs of children in Kenya.

Pray for Us

  • Pray for our leaders – Pray for Mark, Sheri, and Lucy as they make decisions related to this ministry.  Pray that that these decisions would be made in a way that honors God.
  • Pray for the teachers – Most of the teachers live away from their families so they can teach in our computer centers.  While they love having a job where they can use what they have been trained to do, it does come with sacrifices.  Pray also that they would continue to be strong Christian role models for their students.
  • Pray for the students – Pray that their needs would be met in a God honoring way and that they would be instilled with a hope for the future.

Spread the Word

People who hear about the work of Kenya Kids Can are often excited about it.  You can play a big role in helping to spread the good word to others.  Please like our Facebook page, link to us from your blog, and when you have coffee with a friend, let them know as well.

Kenya Kids Can Teachers

Kenya Kids Can Teachers

Sponsor a Teacher

We have a wonderful set of teachers who work in our computer centers.  The support for our project varies from month to month and it would be a tremendous help to us to have a sponsor for each teacher so we would know that one of our most critical expenses would be covered each month.  The cost to sponsor a teacher is $275 per month.  Be sure to visit the “Meet Our Team” page to get introduced to our teachers.  If are interested in finding out more about sponsoring a teacher, please email us at

Sponsor a Baker’s Dozen

The life of a sponsored child is forever changed.  Here is an excellent article on the difference that it makes.  You can provide school lunches each day for a group of 13 students at a school for $17 a month.  Simply follow this link – School Lunch Program – to set up a recurring donation for $17 or see below for the address to mail a check to.

Sponsor a School

Another opportunity to sponsor is to sponsor the lunch program at an entire school.  People who sponsor a school will receive specific information and photos from that school and we will facilitate communication between the school and the sponsors.

Schools range in size from 250 students up to 1800 students with an average size of 700 students.  The current cost to sponsor a school depends on the size of the school.
A school with 250 students is $320 per month.
A school with 700 students is $900 per month.
A school with 1800 students is $2300 per month.

If you are interested in finding out more about sponsoring a school, please email us at

Donate (all donations are tax deductible)

  • Donate to our General Fund – Contributions will be used where needed most between the school lunch program and the computer centers (not for support of the Daubenmiers).
  • Donate to the School Lunch Program – Help to cover the cost of maize, beans, and cooking oil by donating to this fund.
  • Donate to the Computer Centers – Help to cover the cost of teacher salaries and maintenance and repairs to our centers by donating to this fund.
  • Support the Daubenmiers – Help keep the Daubenmiers in the field serving both at Rift Valley Academy and with Kenya Kids Can.  The Daubenmiers receive no salary or other financial benefit from either RVA or the Kenya Kids Can project funds.  They are supported by donations specifically designated for them.

In addition to donating online, you may also make a donation by phone or mail in the United States. To donate by phone, call AIM toll free at (800) 254-0010 during regular office hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time).

To donate by U.S. mail, send a check payable to Africa Inland Mission to the following address (specify which project you are sponsoring in the memo line of your check):

African Inland Mission Int’l
Attn:  Receipting Department
PO Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA  30269-7611

From Canada?  Use this link  and enter the name of the fund (Kenya Kids Can -or- Mark and Sheri Daubenmier)

Meet a Specific Need

Below are specific needs that we currently have.  Please email us at if you would like to meet one of these needs or would like more information.

Description of the need Cost per center # of centers Total cost
The roofs on 3 centers need to be replaced. This need has been met! A special thanks to our friends in the military. $700 3 $2100
Each center uses 4 large batteries that store the power from the solar system. Over time the batteries wear out and no longer take a charge and the batteries in three of our older centers have now failed.  This need has been met!  A special thanks to our friends in Iowa. 1 set of 4 batteries costs $950 USD 3 $2850
Each center gets equipped with 10 laptops. We have several centers ready to go and they just need the laptops and a teacher to become operational. 10 laptops plus the salary for a teacher for 1 year ($275/month = $3300) 4 40 laptops and $13,200 for 1 year of salary for 4 teachers.
Over the years, several laptops have broken down and are no longer usable. 1-2 laptops 5 8 laptops
We have one center that needs 10 laptops, a solar system, and a teacher to be operational. This need has been met!  A special thanks to our friends in Texas. 10 laptops + $3000 salary + $5400 solar system. 1 10 laptops + $8400


  1. Great work. Is there a way for Canadian residents to donate?

  2. I saw the segment on CNN and was moved by the description of your experience on that Thursday – and children so hungry they couldn’t sit up
    without fainting. I am interested in helping, and in knowing details of what
    % of donated funds reaches the children directly. Would you give me some help with this?

    Thanks so much.

    Karen Foster

  3. Hi Karen

    Our mission takes out 5% of every dollar donated. All the rest goes to the food.

  4. Hi Ross

    The website has an online place to give securely and wow do we love Canadian dollars!

  5. Hello Mr. Peifer! I love what you are doing and helping making the world a better place. Not only are you feeding children but you are giving them a future.
    I’m still in school and Ive always wanted to go somewhere in the world and make a difference like you have. So my question is, is there a way that I could come to Africa during my summer breaks so that I could help the cause. Im knowledgeable in computers and love working with children and I feel that I could help greatly. Im sure funds are tight so I will even scrape up funds to pay for my tickets and my own cost of living.

  6. Mr. Peifer!, may God be with you and in everything you do, thank you so much for answering his call and feeding our children in Kenya, I became aware of you in the CNN award ceremony that you righfully deserve. Once again may God bless you and you and your ministry will be in our prayers.

    Thank you.

  7. Just saw the CNN award ceremony by “chance.” I think God wanted me to see it and be inspired. I will be donating tonight.

    God bless, your work love for God is inspiring.

  8. Is there a way for a woman who is at a crossroads in her life and career (that would be me!) to volunteer with this program? I have always yearned to help children in need. When the Tsunami hit, I wanted to go to Indonesia, when the AIDS crisis was killing millions of children, I wanted to go to Africa. But the demands of a Wall St. job and other responsibilities always prevented me from taking the plunge. Seeing your story on tonight’s “CNN Heroes” show, I feel so compelled to find out how I can give of myself. Money is too easy, time makes more of a difference. Please contact me!! and thank you for all of your tremendous, selfless giving to a population that needs so much.

  9. Hi Steve,
    I grew up in Kenya in a small remote village near Kijabe. I watched your nomination on CNN and could not help but be emotional for all you are trying to do for those kids. Your story rings home because I went through the same experience growing up.
    I would love to be a part of your cause. Please contact me.


  10. Hi Steve,

    I was also very touched by your story and the heroic work you and your wife are doing in Kenya for God’s children. I hope my small donation will help, but I would also like to give of myself to support your team. Please provide a link to a site, or let me know how I might be be able to help you more directly.

    Thanks for all that you do – your service to our Lord is truly an inspiration.

    In Christ,


  11. Steve,

    As I write this to you I am watching the CNN awards show which as you know honored you and many other amazing people. All of you make me proud to be a member of the human race yet at the same time cause me to reflect on my life and realize that there is so much more that I can and must do to improve this planet and the lives on it. I am a 43year old living in Southern California and am a retired Navy SEAL, having spent my entire adult life serving my country. For the past two years I have been part of a non-profit ministry to the military, but due to financial issues have been forced to find work outside of that. I am moved by you and your work and want to see if there is any way in which I can help you. While is impossible for me to help financially what I do have to give is myself along with the skills and experiences gained during a lifetime in the military. Not just in conflict, but also security, teaching, mentoring, Honor and Integrity. Please give some serious thought to finding a way for me to apply my many skills to help you and your cause for feeding and educating the children of Kenya and all of Africa and let me know if I can assist your worthy mission.


    Johnny Hoffman

    • Johnny,

      You led a bible study with Jeff Bramstead while I was living in 618. I just wanted to tell you thanks for your encouragement through training. Your a blessing man.


  12. okay I checked out the site and I see how I can volunteer

  13. congratulations for the CNN HEROES award.

    i went to kenya last year, and i was deeply moved by the people there.
    i am planning to return in 2008.
    is there a way i can contact the organization to find out the ways i can help?

    please send me an email with the contact information.



  14. Hello, Mr.Peifer

    I saw the Cnn Heroes Award last night and I am very proud of you and your wife for taking this kind of action to help those in need. I am 17 years old and I go to Paint Branch Highschool in Burtonsville MD where I established a club called Youth End Poverty our main goal is to raise money for those in need in Africa. Our mission is to end extreme poverty worldwide by helping people living on less than a dollar a day to take the first steps out of poverty, providing them with resources to build better quality of life. Our main goal is to supply the needy in Africa with essential school supplies, clothes, food and medicine. We would like to work with you organization and We also would like to support you in anyway. Please Contact us on our email:

    Michael Tadesse

  15. Hey Peifer family,

    My name is Blake and I have been extremely touched by your efforts. I am currently a college student in Colorado but I have been questioning my motivation. I have this deep need to really help people and make a difference. I have looked at organization but i haven’t seen any as pure as yours. I would really love to be able to help your efforts in Africa and I would love the oportunity to come help in any way possible. I know your extremely busy but if you have any time I would be honored to hear from you.

    Blake Osborn

  16. Dear Peifer family!!
    Your work and devotion, accomplishments and faith, have pushed me even more so into becoming active both in my Church and in the University that I attend here in Washington state. I heard this quote once that I think might have determined the rest of my life and led me into studying Nursing! It read; “There is no higher calling in life, than serving others.” And when I see what you and your family are doing, I see that God is using you in the most perfect and wonderful ways in which I think we were all intended for!! I wanted to ask you sir, if there was something directly I could do,traveling wise. It just feels like God has really laid it on my heart to get in contact with you, and see if there was any way in which you could direct me. Congratulations on receiving the CNN Heroes Award, I hope that money will help you in more ways then you ever could have imagined! God Bless you and your family!

  17. Well, I have already said that you are truly heroes. Your staments about how Africa impacted you has made me reflect and knowing I have been blessed with many special skills and abilities; I cant help but find myself reconsidering where I might go in 2008 and whose lives I can touch. Thank You for inspiring others.

  18. Being a student, how can I help your mission?
    I believe God is very happy in what you are doing right now. Keep it up. You inspired me to be of service.
    I would like to be part of it.
    Show me how!

  19. Steve, I would like to make donations by e-bills. Where my bank prints the checks and mails it. If I put my address on the checks can a statement for taxes be mailed to me? Thanks Deborah

  20. I was so moved by your story on CNN, that I wanted to know more!! I am a Licensed Practical Nurse living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada, and always wanted to volunteer or work in Africa. My question is, are there possibilities for someone like me to be able to work/volunteer in the area that you are so involved in? Are there programs that support such? If not I would like to make a donation. Thank you for such an inspiring story, and continue the good fight.

    • Pam – I was just reading through the email on Kenyakids can…. If you have not found a mode of getting involved, get in contact with Samaritans Purse. They send nurses all over the place. They have helped us take ENT teams to Kijabe Kenya. God Bless

  21. Steve: Thanks for being such a Christlike example to the world. What you and your family have done is such an amazing sacrifice. I am 37 yrs old and want to help both financially and with hands on time. How is it possible for volunteers to help on the ground in Kenya serving in any way possible even if it is for a short term basis? Thanks and God Bless you!

  22. I was flipping through channels last night and saw the CNN re-run of CNN Heroes and they were interviewing you. To say the least I was exceited. So just wondering how you are doing and where you are at right now. Hope to see you at RVA in Jan.

  23. Steve and Family: First, pongezi sana (congratulations!) for your win as a CNN HERO for your efforts in providing hope and opportunity for young children in Kenya. You are an inspiration and a testament on what is possible for our common humanity. Second, I am planning on a trip to Kenya in July of 2008 on behalf of my organization from the USA. Africa Matters International (AMI) is a nondenomiational, nonpartisan, and nonprofit organization dedicated to the effort of poverty eradication and the promotion of human security in Africa and beyond. We would love to come and visit you in Kijabe and take a look at your transformation upclose. Anyone who’s willing and able to travel to Kenya for two weeks from the US in late July, please contact me at or for more details and information on our organization and the trip. Note: Our website is under construction.

    It takes ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things. I thank all of you for your interest and investment in Africa’s future.


  24. I think it would be wonderful to be able to volunteer in Kenya for however long, do you have any opportunities there?

    Thank you!


  25. i am interested to be in your conversations.i am a sierra leonean by nationality.

  26. I was in Kajabi in December visiting Bruce. We went to a few centers, and I am impressed with the work there. I ill be spreadding the word around


  27. Kenya Kids is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  28. Is it possible to donate laptops to your work? I have an older laptop that still works great, but now that I’m entering grad school I needed a faster one to meet school interet requirements, etc.

  29. Hallo to everyone!
    Greetings from kenya, i ‘m pastor of small church of 50 in kilgoris transmara of rift valley kenya, we are independent church group serving the maasai community.We need help to start children home for orphans and needy people in the community we serve beyond denominational boundaries.We welcome anyone who wish to help, weater christian or not.Please write

  30. We have a school for children with special needs. We are financialy challanged, we need wheelchairs, food, signlanguage teacher, playing materials, mosquito nets etc. Please help or direct us to the right people. We live in Kenya, Africa.

  31. [...] of food for this school term and need your help.  Please watch the YouTube video below, and go to Kenya Kids Can.  Once there, scroll down to Financial Support and click on the online giving site of Africa [...]

  32. Steve, Nancy & Family, It’s amazing to me that it’s been more than 11 years since I met you at AIM headquarters in Pearl River with my brother. We’ve been faithfully praying for your family and these amazing ministries & spreading the word for these many years. Now, my husband Gary and I want to be part of this “Tipping Point” that you expressed in your recent newsletter. May God continue to use you and these feeding and computer programs to bless the children of Kenya and raise up a new generation of healthy, empowered and on fire for Jesus kingdom builders! Come Jesus!

  33. i love to help kenya in anyway

    • Rickal your most welcome in kenya

  34. kenya is to awsome and they have such nice kids and families!;0

  35. We are looking people,group or organization to come to our school for food program in Kenya to keep our needy children in school all are welcome by pastor Josephat kibe. email us

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