Steve and Nancy Peifer


The Lord led Steve and Nancy Peifer to Kenya initially to be dorm parents at Rift Valley Academy in 1999. They had signed up for a single year, but during that year the love of Africa crept into their hearts, leading them to return to RVA in 2001. Steve had a mountaintop experience—literally—New Year’s day of 2002 while climbing Mount Longonot with his older boys. Reflecting on the year ahead and all that he had seen in Kenya, he made this resolution: Don’t make peace with the fact that there are hungry children. Out of that resolution has grown what is known today as Kenya Kids Can.

The story of the Peifers’ journey to Africa and the founding of Kenya Kids Can is well told in Steve’s latest book, A Dream So Big.

Note: The Peifers receive no salary or other financial benefits from Kenya Kids Can.

Mark and Sheri Daubenmier

Our Directors

Mark and Sheri Daubenmier arrived in Kenya at Rift Valley Academy more than a decade after the Peifers and had the opportunity to work alongside them during the 2012-2013 school year. As the Lord was leading the Peifers back to America, He was leading the Daubenmiers to step up to the challenge of taking on Kenya Kids Can. As career educators and having lives that have always revolved around children through being teachers, foster parents, and adoptive parents, Kenya Kids Can was a perfect fit for them.

Mark and Sheri have seven children and are currently living in Kijabe, Kenya, where they are teaching at RVA and directing Kenya Kids Can. You can find out more about the Daubenmiers on their blog: Our Big Crazy Family.

Note: The Daubenmiers receive no salary or other financial benefits from Kenya Kids Can.


Program Manager

In 2005, Steve wandered into a computer training school looking for something—some training for some Kenyan friends of his. What he found was something else—Lucy. Lucy is a remarkable young woman and an excellent teacher. Steve was able to get Lucy to come and be a teacher at one of the computer centers. From there she was promoted to being the head teacher over all of the computer teachers and then finally to serve as the program manager for Kenya Kids Can, overseeing both the computer centers and the feeding program. Lucy is the center cog of the wheel and an invaluable resource for Kenya Kids Can.

Todd and Nicole Owens

Communication/Creative Team

Todd and Nicole Owens fell in love with Kenya Kids Can long before arriving in Africa. They cheered and prayed from afar as the Peifers blogged about the struggles and successes of students in the Rift Valley. As the Owens prepared to move to Kenya in 2013, they wrote to ask about joining the KKC team, and one of them cried actual tears when Mark wrote back saying he’d love to have them.

The Owens and their five kiddos and are now happily living in Kijabe, Kenya. They are teachers and dorm parents at RVA, and they love gathering stories from our KKC students to share with all of you who know just what it’s like to fall in love with these kids from afar.

Read more about the Owens on their blog: Owens to Africa.

Note: The Owens receive no salary or other financial benefits from Kenya Kids Can.

Our Teachers


Teaching with KKC since 2008

“Teaching has given me the opportunity to serve mankind. I feel honored to impart knowledge and skills to students who are eager to learn. It is also a platform to learn new things everyday from the students. It is a higher calling.”


“it is exciting to see pupils understand how to do things with computers. For example, when they open a blank database, create a table and then can create a query and a report.”


Teaching with KKC since 2009

“It has been good to see how the computer lessons have helped the learners to improve in other subjects. For example, after the students learn how to type, their writing improves and learning spreadsheets helps them to appreciate math.”


Teaching with KKC since 2007

“It feels great to pass my knowledge to students. It is an honor when I teach and get to see the students learning. In addition, I get to learn from the students and from my workmates.”


Teaching with KKC since 2008

“The children are always eager to learn and get something new from me. I enjoy it when a child gets my objective right.”


Teaching with KKC since 2007

“I enjoy being able to deliver to the pupils what I know about computers. I get excited when I see the pupils asking questions and learning new things.”


Teaching with KKC since 2004

“I enjoy delivering to the pupils what I know and having them understand it. The pupils enjoy the computer lessons, especially when I give them a practical task like working with Excel to do a calculation.”


Teaching with KKC since 2009

“It is good to see the pupils asking questions when I am summarizing what I have taught and them showing a positive attitude toward the lesson and teacher.”


Teaching with KKC since 2009

“I feel honored when the students understand what I have taught them. It boosts my morale and I want to teach them more and more.”


Teaching with KKC since 2007

“The best moment is when I see a child being able to open a program and do something by himself or herself.”


Teaching with KKC since 2009

“When I am in class teaching computer to pupils who know nothing about computers and I get to see that they are understanding the concepts and actually applying them practically, I feel fulfilled since I am transforming the lives of these children.”




Teaching with KKC since 2013

“When I walk into a class full of forty students eager to learn from me computer lessons and skills, it gives me the passion to go back again and again.”