Many, many people like you support this ministry. Here are some ways you can help meet the needs of children in Kenya.

Pray for Us

  • Pray for our leaders – Pray for Mark, Sheri, and Lucy as they make decisions related to this ministry. Pray that that these decisions are made in a way that honors God.
  • Pray for the teachers – Most of the teachers live away from their families so they can teach in our computer centers. While they love having a job where they can use what they have been trained to do, it does come with sacrifices. Pray for their personal and family health, and that they will continue to be strong Christian role models for their students.
  • Pray for the students – Pray that their needs are met in a God-honoring way and that they will be instilled with hope for the future.

Spread the Word

People who hear about the work of Kenya Kids Can are often excited about it. You can play a big role in spreading the word to others. Please like our Facebook page, link to us from your blog, and when you have coffee with a friend, let them know as well.

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(donations are handled as tax-deductible contributions)

Visit our donation page for more information on giving. Below is an overview of areas you can invest in.

  • Donate to our General Fund – Contributions will be used where needed most between the school lunch program and the computer centers (not for support of the directors or other missionaries).
  • Donate to the Feeding Program – Help to cover the cost of maize, beans, and cooking oil.
  • Donate to the Computer Centers – Help to cover the cost of teacher salaries and maintenance and repairs to our centers.
  • Support the missionaries who help run Kenya Kids Can – The Daubenmiers and the Owens receive no salary or other financial benefits from Kenya Kids Can or Rift Valley Academy where they also serve. Rather, they are enabled to serve with these two organizations though donations designated specifically for their support. You can help keep these missionaries in the field with a donation for the Daubenmiers or a donation for the Owens.

Meet a Specific Need

Occasionally additional needs come up that aren’t directly included in our program budgets. Please visit our donation page for a listing of specific needs that you can meet.