About Us

Feeding minds, bodies, and hope.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to enhance the education of Kenyan students by providing meals and offering computer training to impoverished schools.  Our vision is to see the next generation of leaders grow physically strong, spiritually generous, technically knowledgeable and ready to change the world.

Our Founders

Steve and Nancy Peifer began Kenya Kids Can and currently run the organization as part of their ministry with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) in Kijabe, Kenya. Their family of six have loved getting to know Kenya through service, seeing God move by relying on faith.  They give Him the glory for compelling hearts worldwide to support the program annually.

Our Team

A team of Kenyan friends help transport food, teach computers, build centers and support the sustainability and accountability of the program.

First Things First: The Food Program

Many of Kenya’s students go to school hungry. To help kids stay in school, our team feeds up to 18,300 students at 34 schools each school day. Drop-out rates have plummeted to less than 1%.

Building a Future: The Computer Centers

We establish computer centers in remote areas of Kenya. Each center is housed in a recycled steel shipping crate and fueled by solar panels. Students are taught by Kenyan teachers, who are dedicated solely to computer instruction.

Help Turn Vision to Reality

Join Kenya Kids Can and others committed to Kenya’s children by sending a donation, providing encouragement or spreading the word about Kenya Kids Can!


  1. This is what I’ve always imagined myself doing with my life, but I don’t know where to start. I have so many questions.. where does all the funding come from to support the program? What qualifications would be needed to work in the program? And many others, maybe you could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  2. Steve, you are doing amazing things over there. I am considering moving to Rwanda and doing a program that mirrors yours. Please contact me so that i get your input and advice. Thank you so much.

  3. Steve, I read the article today in the Colleyville Courier. You are a hero to all of the children you feed. I plan to make a donation today in my mom’s honor for her birthday. I look forward to keeping up with your progress and future needs. What opportunities do you have for summer volunteer work? Thank you for doing what so many will not step out and do. I will praying for you and your family.

  4. Yall are doing a fantastic job!! We’re constantly praying for yall. So keep up the good work!! :)

  5. Steve, Thank you so much for showing us your feeding program in June! We were excited to see so many children receiving lunch and learning on laptops! We are grateful for everyone at RVA and the work you all do and had an amazing time staying with the Nagles. I wanted to let you know that I am currently helping with a VBS program in Tecumseh, Michigan and the 35 kids are happily bringing in their change for your Kenya Kids Can Feeding program…the church had no mission in mind and let me choose! I was so happy to tell everyone about your mission! Anyway, Tecumseh Evengelical Friends Church will be mailing you a meager check with much love to your family and the beautiful children of Kenya.
    Sincerely, Sarah & Ed Covington
    Canton, Ohio

  6. Steve,
    Thanks for the encouraging words at the Naviance conference. You are indeed a most inspiring person with a kind heart.
    May the Lord bless you.
    Warm regards,
    Terry Gerba

  7. where are you located in Kenya? In Nakuru? In Nairobi? I will be there in September.

  8. That is so cool that your doing this. Of course I can’t do much but my school is helpin’ out in Kenya!

  9. Hi Steve

    We hadn’t heard fromyou in a while. I did see that Neil Diamond was on tour, and thought you may be very busy. Looks like you’re fine and that’s great. Take care buddy.


  10. My man steve…my hero..no are hero
    Iam a girl from afrika ( Somalia) but who lives in Danmark. I Just want to say, that I admire you, love you and your family. You are a inspiration to a lot off peopel. Thank you Steve for been, who you are and more.
    If I only could do half, what you are don’ t to those children, and all the other peopel that you inspired to do the same work that you have don’t, then I will considere mysefl as the happiest woman on this planet.
    Iam actually planing on going to afrika to work in a hospital, because I am a nurce studente. Who knows maybe I will come and thank you in person :)
    If you ever need some volunties, pleace contact me.
    Much you to are, you family and those beautiful children who I am sure will be greatful to all your dedications.

    Muna H Mohamed

  11. Steve and Nancy–I can almost hear God’s voice booming, “Well done! Well done! Well done!” But there’s always more to do–so I’ll give it my very best to get y’all Facebook charity link! Know that you guys must put an incredible smile on our Savior’s face every day! Laurie

  12. Keep me in your e-mailing lists, Tqvm

  13. year 25.Dec.2000 flying from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Kenya, reached between Kenya & Urgada by faith … God say go! and also just only able to paid for my air tickets,.
    I’m so glad God had send help to this place, it’s so so bless the family like yours and people supported, yours love for this people so great, God were know.
    I’ll been interceding face to the floor (prostrad) for so long hope God could send help to this peoples, and here your family are there for them GOD BLESS!,
    Just setting-up outsource resource with $2dollars small company for food and beverage, cloths, building material, electronic communication equimmmmment, wellness and now I know why! GOD SEND ME THERE,.
    Thank you you all “GOD ABBA FATHER & LORD JESUS CHRIST” you are great peoples.

  14. Hi Peifer Family,

    I just watched you video. How amazing is that!! What an adventure!
    I think about you and Nancy a lot and feel blessed to have known you during a very difficult time for me.
    Thanks for all you did for me and bless you for all your doing now.

  15. Hey Peifer,

    We met at the Commercial Bank of Africa(Village Market) and I got interested why you getting all the visa receipts for the kids.

    Fantastic, I have seen what you do and your family and is so lovely. I would wish to be always in touch and see what I can support with.

    be blessed

  16. am interested to know more about the minisry you are involved.
    i got only to see the word kids and let me tell you i love children minisries- may be i may wanna volunteer to serve with you. let me know.
    Kim- from Kabarak Unversity

  17. This is great stuff! Six young US folks are headed to Nairobi and Thigio in August to work with kids through Project Dream (http://dream.santegidio.org/public/News/x__newsreadpubNS.asp?IdNews=536&offset=&Curlang=EN). They’re bringing 12 XO’s with them as a trial project. I’ll get them to connect with you when they’re on site.

  18. Hi Steve and Nancy,

    I just visited your web site and would love to visit in person! Who knows, it may work out sometime.
    Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.


  19. Dear Steve & Nancy,
    Its through your constant encouragment that i’m who am now.
    I know many kids out there will have a bright future because of the wonderful work you are doing.
    Keep up the wonderful work
    You’re a good mentor and a man of integrity.

    Fred Muiruri

  20. God bless you people and may what you do leave a positive,lasting mark on the hearts of the beneficiaries.If ever you need a volunteer you can email me,i would also like to profile your work in the media,maybe i can discuss that with you as soon as i secure space with a publication.Blessings.Oh and in my rural area-nyeri district,i know kids who could do with a thought and a kind gesture from you guys.

  21. Keep up the good work,i am a freelance journalist who will only do articles that will change/impact lives positively.

  22. Steve you are really a blessing to many. may the lord almighty bless you as you always think of helping his people. Thank you for being a lesson to many, your action really impress me. Thank you for giving us your shoulder to cry on. You are our hero.
    Thank you in advance.

  23. Dear Steve & Nancy,
    I must say that i feel indebted to you, for helping me realize my potentials. It all started back in 1999, when you first came to Kenya.
    Through much support and encouragment, to study ms access, i enrolled in Vision Institute of Professionals and obtained distinction in ms access. Then Infotech Training institute where i studied software and hardware engineering courses.

    Now may i let you know that next month(July23 2011), i graduate with Bachelors in Business & Information Technology from one of the most prestigious christian universities in Kenya.

    Thanks so much,

  24. And I also feel very blessed to have met you both at JT and Janelle’s wedding. What a graced weekend of celebration and thanksgiving. Hope our paths cross in the future.


  25. Hi Steve.
    My family and I have made a long term commitment to serve on the Hospital ship Africa Mercy in West Africa as physicians. Any words of wisdom about the impact of such an endevor on our kids? I have no doubt that it will be a transformational experence for all three. Any part of the transformation we should take care with?
    Cheers to you and your organization.

  26. Hi Steve & Family,
    I always admire that condition of your heart. A heart that is so caring and always willing to help and lift up the lives of our children. You might not know it but these children value and loves you so much. I’ve been with them and I know they do.
    God bless you even more.

  27. [...] no longer go back to living his old life in America. The organization he and his wife now run, Kenya Kids Can, now feeds over 18,000 school-aged Kenyan children per day. At their pilot school, the drop-out [...]

  28. [...] successful businessman Steve Peifer and his wife Nancy lost a child, they took up a 12 month mission assignment as dorm parents at a [...]

  29. I picked up your book at the local library. What an amazing story and so wonderful the hand of God in your life. Keep moving in faith.

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